Always Daddy’s Girl

Joe Kelly knew that his life would change when his twin daughters were born. He understood that he was stepping into a very important role as their father, but he didn’t count on the dramatic impact these girls would have on him as a man and their father.

“The uniqueness of the father-daughter relationship can deeply enrich a man’s life,” said Kelly, first and foremost the father of twin daughters, and head of the national non-profit organization Dads and Daughters. He is also the author of Dads and Daughters: How to Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter When She is Growing Up So Fast.

“Every single one of us grew up a boy. Sometimes that is a hurdle and sometimes it is an advantage. All of the time, it is a chance to grow in unique ways. Through our daughters, we can start to see and experience the world differently.”

When his daughters were in their late teens, Kelly began reflecting on how much his life had changed by having daughters. He was curious to know if any other men shared this experience. He interviewed a diverse group of men and was surprised how much they had in common.

Kelly recognized that he had to be very aware of how he lived his life. He began thinking about the messages he was sending verbally and his actions.

“You can tell your daughter she can be anything she wants to be,” Kelly said. “But if you then turn around and pick up a Playboy you may as well have saved your breath because your actions speak louder than your words. It is how I treat my daughter’s mother and the other women in her life and in the world that send a powerful message to my daughter and my son.

“If a boy grows up believing that the size of a woman’s cleavage is more important than the size of her heart, he is on the road to disaster. As a man and father I can help my daughters understand that it is not about looks; it is about what you are capable of accomplishing in life.”

Research has shown that girls with involved fathers are more likely to be emotionally and physically healthier and more well-rounded.  Dads and Daughters suggests these tips for fathers to inspire, understand and support their daughters:

According to Kelly, the greatest gifts a father can give his daughter are talking with her, listening to her and trusting her.

If you are curious to know how well you are doing as your daughter’s father, you might want to take the quiz on Kelly’s website, dadsanddaughters.org.



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