20 Reasons Your Child Needs You

Your presence:

1.   Lets your child know that you love him/her.

2.   Provides your child with greater financial resources.

3.   Gives your child a positive role model.

4.   Provides your child with emotional support.

5.   Enhances your child’s self-esteem.

6.   Provides your child with guidance and discipline.

7.   Enhances your child’s intellectual development.

8.   Gives your child someone to rough and tumble play with.

9.   Provides your child with someone to talk to when he/she has questions.

10. Increases your child’s chances for academic success.

11.  Provides your child with an alternative perspective on life.

12.  Lowers your child’s chances for early sexual activity.

13.  Lowers your child’s chances for school failure.

14.  Lowers your child’s chances for youth suicide.

15.  Lowers your child’s chances for juvenile delinquency.

16.  Lowers your child’s chances for adult criminality.

17.  Provides your child with a sense of physical and emotional security.

18.  Facilitates your child’s moral development.

19.  Promotes a healthy gender identity in your child.

20.  Helps your child learn important skills.

From Reasons Why Your Child Needs You to be an Active Father by Stephen D. Green, Ph.D., Child Development Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife



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